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    Verified Patient

    Four months after total knee replacement with Dr. Eric L. Smith, I have achieved 125° flexion, going up and down stairs comfortably, and walking without pain. My recovery was smooth and rapid. My PT tells me my scar is enviable. Dr. Smith answered all of my pre-surgery questions clearly and concisely; despite Covid, his surgical coordinator was a pleasure to work with. Appointment was on time and not rushed. Surprised myself making such a major decision based on only one face-to-face appointment!
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    B Goguen

    I had bilateral knee replacement with this surgeon. I cant say enough good about him or his staff. Highly recommend
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    Samantha W

    Dr. Smith is professional, courteous, concerned, approachable and intelligent. I met Dr. Smith because I needed hip replacement surgery. I was 46, in a lot of pain; 8 on a scale of 10. In our first meeting, he confidently suggested a minamally invasive anterior approach to my hip surgery. Taking time to explain the device to me. I had zero pain post surgery. I has been a year, and I live pain free. He returned me to my life as I knew prior to hip pain. I work out, spin, walk for miles and swim.
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    L. Ziegler

    Dr. Eric L. Smith of NE Baptist Hospital was my surgeon for my 2nd total knee replacement. It’s been a year since my successful surgery.. I am so grateful to him, his office staff and the Baptist Hospital team. My first knee replacement at BI was the worst medical experience of my life. I rate my success on these factors: Dr. Smith is a skilled surgeon. We met, I explained my fears, he took a lot of time and talked about how my surgery would go. I opted for the Conformis Knee which is a custom knee molded to your leg. It made a HUGE difference in my l recovery . It’s marketed towards athletes, but I notice a big difference when I compare my knees. Pain Management - The opioid epidemic has forced docs to cut way back on pain meds. I believe the pendulum has swung too far in the current direction, but I was not denied refills I needed for successful physical therapy. Physical Therapy - I wouldn't have the surgery unless you commit to PT. THANK YOU Dr. Smith
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    Wayne Briggs

    It's been five years since Dr.Eric Smith replaced both my hips and I haven't had any issues since, I highly recommend Dr.Eric Smith to everyone. Wayne Briggs.

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